Verified Resources

4 Delightful “Herben Verified” Resources

Verified Resources

Listed here are the verified resources for therapeutic-grade herbs and medicinal formulations that you can buy with confidence! These can make it much easier for you to achieve more rapid well-being and are important components of your efforts to develop a healthy mindset.

Verified Resources

Harmonic Arts

Located on beautiful Vancouver Island BC, Harmonic Arts is a growing plant medicine company. Since 2008, Clinical Herbalists Yarrow and Angela Willard share their passion for the medicinal power of plants and have evolved a diverse botanical dispensary offering you a wide offering of unique herbal formulations.


Verified Resources


With passion and love for Chinese herbs, VitaJing Herbs is dedicated to offering premium Chinese extract herbs for consumers worldwide to live better, healthier lives. VitaJing Herbs provides quality above all. Through them, you will access the finest and most effective Chinese Tonic Herbs in the world in convenient, easy to use packaging. They are a source you can trust to obtain high-potency and full-spectrum products.

Verified ResourcesPrimal Herb

Another splendid channel from which you can obtain the purest sourced nutritional supplement ingredients, Primal Herb provides products with a defined purpose that’s supported completely by independent research to Balance, Restore, & Optimize your body. Their products are among those that make your body & mind feel amazing!


Verified Resources

The Maca Team

The Maca Team is a family-run company of true Maca specialists dedicated to bringing you the most that Maca has to offer. They are passionate about sharing high-quality Peruvian grown Maca with the world and proud to offer the best selection of Maca products anywhere . . . Organically grown, fairly traded, non-GMO, gluten-free, fresh and potent.


Medicinal Tea Recipes

 The Native American Tea Company

Fresh, natural ingredients are blended in small batches. They do not use artificial flavors, colors, flavorings, or preservatives.  There are no GMO ingredients in these herbal blends and medicinal teas.

Naturally caffeinated teaWarrior’s BrewGreen Tea, and Orange Pekoe Cut Black Tea.

Naturally caffeine-free herbal blendsChief’s DelightGood MedicineIndian Love TeaTeepee DreamsVictory Tea, Teepee Dreams Mint.

Verified Resources


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