Advanced Adaptogen Complex

An Advanced Adaptogen Complex From 10 Amazing Herbs!

The ONLY Adaptogen Formula That’s Co-Extracted To Give You 5 Times More Energy!

Advanced Adaptogen Complex is a unique proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs designed to boost energy and stamina. This blend can invigorate and help you feel more energized and promote a feeling of well-being.

Adaptogen Anti-Stress Help

What if you could have loads more energy… energy that lasts all day long. Without having to gulp down coffee, tea, or grab a snack?

What if you could have the concentration of a chess master, so you could focus on a book or project so intently that time just seems to fly by?

And what if you could have all this newfound energy and mental focus without feeling anxious or jittery? In fact, you’d even be able to sleep better at night!

Well, the discovery I’m about to tell you is that powerful. In fact, it’s so powerful, it’s helped …

– An astronaut stays in space for 437 days, healthy and strong …

– An Olympic sprinter beat the world’s best to win the 100-meter championships …

– Doctors, soldiers, and college students think faster and remember more …

So what is this miraculous secret? Discover Energy Boosting Adaptogens

In previous posts, 3 Major Herbs Partner With Cordyceps And Improve Performance and Fertility and Top Chinese Herbs for Wellness, Energy, and Immune Support, for instance, we presented you with some really great adaptogenic herbs that are well worth adding to your nutritional program.


Now, you are being introduced to an amazing formula based on an energy secret discovered by a Russian astronaut, Valeri Polyakov, who is the holder of the record for the longest single stay in space in human history, staying aboard the Mir space station for more than 14 months (437 days 18 hours) during one trip! Polyakov had maintained his strength, stamina, and alertness throughout the year-and-a-half ordeal by his use of adaptogens.

Adaptogens, as you may have learned from those previous posts or in fact already knew, have the unique ability to power up your energy if you are feeling fatigued … Or to calm you down if you’re feeling anxious or jittery. In other words, they “adapt” your bodily functions according to their unique needs and help to combat physical and mental stress.

It wasn’t until Russian scientists traveled to the West that word leaked out to Western scientists. After doing more combined research, they found that adaptogens are able to …

  • ✔ Ramp up your energy, so you don’t feel so tired and foggy-headed
  • ✔ Ignite your alertness, so you have better focus and concentration
  • ✔ Boost your stamina, so you can exercise and enjoy your favorite activities
  • ✔ Strengthen your immunity, to fight off colds and infections
  • ✔ Calm you down if you’re feeling anxious
  • ✔ Even help you sleep better

Advanced Adaptogen Complex is the most sophisticated combo I’ve ever seen.

This blend of adaptogens is designed to work together and be much more effective than any single herb taken alone. Together, they make Advanced Adaptogen Complex an energy-boosting blockbuster!

Most companies sell adaptogens as dry herbs in capsules. Or they take extracts from single herbs and mix them together.

But the makers of Advanced Adaptogen Complex use a unique, patented “co-extraction” process to get the full power of these herbs. First, they blend all the herbs together in a secret, proprietary process. Then, and only then, they use water and alcohol to extract the powerful plant compounds inside the herbs. This painstaking process can take up to six weeks to complete.

The Result? A liquid adaptogen formula that is 5.5 times stronger than dried herbs. So you can go all day long without feeling fuzzy-headed or fatigued … You can fly through that project or book without looking up … And enjoy afternoons of shopping or socializing without feeling worn-out.

It’s the difference between taking a few adaptogens and feeling very little. Or getting record-breaking, Olympic champion results!

So don’t be surprised if your friends and family start asking what you’re doing differently. Because they are going to see how much more energy and enthusiasm you have.

And don’t be surprised if your buddies start grumbling. Because you’ll be kicking their butt in golf, tennis, and even board games and cards!


Order some for yourself now

Enjoy a clean, natural boost of energy and alertness while feeling relaxed at the same time!

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