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The Art of “Applied Well-Being”



.  . . A reality wherein we experience health, happiness, and prosperity in all areas of our lives . . . Good mental attitudes, high levels of satisfaction, and a positive sense of purpose and anticipation. Basically, all is dandy, fine and well.

From the point of view that as extensions of The Source of All Life, The Creator of The Universe, we should know nothing other than total well-being! However, the humanness of our nature has a way of thwarting the memory of our spiritual origin in favor of the all too obvious physical “reality” that we sense more strongly.

When it comes to applying well-being, you must elect to actively learn and use the skills acquired with various beneficial resources. When you consistently make use of verified and validated substances and techniques, over a relatively short period of time, you will find yourself showing significant improvement in your “being”.

But as a rule, we are referring to a way of life! Continuous engagement with the things that benefit your wellness helps you maintain all the goodness you manage to achieve.


Constantly feeling connected to who you really are, being active and enjoying what you do, taking notice regularly with an appreciation for the simple things that bring joy, embrace learning and experiences that bring opportunities to surprise you with fun, and give graciously of your presence with wisdom and compassion.

That is what will make your life a work of art!


Building your overall well-being is a process whereby you have to make sure all of these types are functioning efficiently and effectively. Our Mindset details the outlook we have with regard to our vast potential.

Within the pages of this site, you will be exposed to research that can be very motivating in their “enlightenment” . . . In their ability to take “some weight off your shoulders” by revealing an answer to one or more annoying problems that you can now deal with and be rid of . . . As well as in their ability to shed light in your mind about the amazing workings of The Creator and the depth of Its Love for us.

Always remember though that you must be realistic with yourself and stick to taking small action all day long toward your goal of abundant well-being. You will end up will vast improvements in the long run and be very glad you did!


“Just living isn’t enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” -Hans Christian Anderson”

You might also want to take a look at this Free Online Course: The Science of Well-Being from Yale University via Coursera. In this course, you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. Check it out!

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