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Mindset Is Crucial

Elevate Your MindsetThe youth of our nation portray the mindset of our nation’s future leaders! How we direct our attention to this fact will determine what happens to our nation in the future. Our mindset needs to work in favor of that which we want and without resistance to it. Gd-willing there will be posts on this subject. But let’s focus with clarity on NOW. This is where we presently are and for whatever reason, The Universe brought us here and we might as well make the best use of this time. Who knows how long we’ll be together. Let’s enjoy this moment. Agreed?

We are a growing family combined of numerous health-oriented thinkers, who besides enjoying the taste of really good foods, hold a mindset that also relishes in the thought that what we consume gives us the strength and stamina of warriors. Not only what we consume physically in the form of food but also what we “consume” in the manner of “pass time”. No television and the like . . . That’s not the type of programming we want to affect our minds. The powers that be at the top who control the media do though and their agenda may not be honorable nor altruistic. Please be aware. It’s called programming for a reason!

Unity is a mindset for strength

While we know we are not alone in this thinking, it’s nice to get together with like-minded people when desirable. While this is not necessary very often, every now and then it has tremendous advantages and is motivating. Maybe we could do a gathering sometime somewhere? If so, we’ll surely let you know. If you’re interested in some of the findings related to human auras and the energy centers of our being, keep an eye on our Energy Discoveries page which we will be updating fro time to time.

In short, we can be described as a people who prefer living life personally, up-front close and behaving responsibly positive in forwarding motion instead of living vicariously through some director’s imaginative rendition of a made up reality. Of course, I know it may seem somewhat outrageous to you reading this right now that the thought about giving up television and other forms of programming is realistic for you.

But when you get a glimpse at how your escape from the “matrix of imposed reality” can set you free to be all that you can be, you’ll want to understand how to step onto the path of most allowance and quickly savor the REAL experience your Gd-ly soul is graciously offering you in this life.

While you can choose the path you wish to follow and even get help along the way, “Source” will direct you with holy precision if you simply allow “It” and its Universe to guide you in a divine way to where you want to be. This may turn out not to be the way you planned it nor appear to be what your original intent was, it will nonetheless turn out to be good! Guaranteed.

Hindsight is 20/20!! Besides, what “Mom/Dad” wants “bad” for their children? The promise of a “continuation” of their influence in this world is dependent on their success as parents! The continuity of good, worthy value is dependent on providing the best parenting possible. And “It” is our “Holy Parent”.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you find yourself in this space and time “reality”. What matters is your determination to set yourself on a straight path to becoming the greatest version of your self. How badly do you want to become your best you? That’s all you need to know!

Because you’ve stumbled upon a blog-site that will help you learn how to tickle all of your being and senses with satisfaction and thrill. All this pleasure could be yours while knowing that health and wellness are destined to be the resulting outcome of your decisions.

We Believe Your Nutrition should be as Unique as You Are. Make it Habit! Unique nutrition should be Habit!

You are in for the adventure ride of this lifetime! A trek of souls passing through the almost fantasy-like mystery with rewarding surprises along the way . . . for all involved.  We’re glad you found this site and are here with us. We certainly hope you will take the time to enjoy the “journey”.

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