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Lately, there have been a number of energy discoveries about our existence that are amazing. Not often do people take the time to consider how magical life really is. It tends to be taken for granted that we are alive and just drown ourselves in the pleasure of seemingly endless physical satisfaction.

But when one begins to think about how we are here in the first place and the chain of events that lead to our becoming, the thoughts are fathomless. All we find out are mind-boggling realizations of the vast depth involved with the wisdom and perfection of The Creator’s work.

The Universe is so well designed that there should be no doubt whatsoever that The Power behind its creation is Holy, Holy, Holy … Wholly The Master. Like any painting, fine or even not so, there existed an artist who put the paint where it ended up. The “Artist” of our world has and still exists! We are lucky to be the “pinnacle” of this work.

Can you agree that it behooves us to make “It” proud (so to say) by truly representing the power contained within us by being willing to express our similarity to its likeness?

The spark that started The Creation from the beginning is incomprehensible and it is truly amazing that we are what and who we are … Spiritual beings discovering very real human experiences! So real that we have a tendency to think that we are no more than the physical entities we appear as while here.

We are basically extensions of divine consciousness. When we die, it’s really only our physical bodies that rot and decay. The spirit goes to live somewhere else. If you also see Beyond Our Sight, an independent documentary about near-death experiences, human consciousness, and the possibility of communication with other dimensions, you will get to understand some more.

So it begs the question, “what is the purpose of this experience?” Without having all the answers, we venture to say that this “game of life”, may actually be a test to see how well we manage to represent ourselves as the Godly beings we were made out to be.

Though trapped in a world full of temptations and fleeting delights, we are nonetheless provided with the power to overcome their “evil” pull toward descending virtues with a conviction for activating the goodness within us to do right.

Questions might then arise like, “How can we put up with the constant pressure we upon ourselves by competitive desiring? Is it possible to duplicate the characteristics of The Creator whose essence is essentially what our being consists of?

Your inner senses know. We are extensions of the energy that created the universe. How can we tell if we represent more of the positive aspects of this state of being over the negative or vice versa? Well, primarily by the way we feel. Our “Source” is nothing but positive in nature and being.

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Think positive, feel good and be a projector of vibrant, life-giving energy forces and you will bear witness to the discovery that these are what you’ll get back in return from the “system”. It’s kind of like driving your karma safely so that your dogma doesn’t end up run over 😀

In any case, there is now technology that allows us through a biofeedback program to detect and reveal what frequency range on the spectrum of color our ethereal being radiates to the outside world. Normally this is invisible to the naked eye. But thanks to The Aura Cloud by Inneractive.com, we can access many fascinating views.

Of Being Light

We are beings of light and this is seen quite clearly by our auras. The aura is an electromagnetic field of colored light that emanates from the energy we generate in our bodies. In fact, we are affectionately referred to by some new-age thinkers as biochemical, electromagnetic frequency generators that radiate subtly visible light.

The color our souls radiate corresponds to the spectrum aligned with the emotional vibrations of our bodies. As such, aura colors can reveal information about your thoughts and feelings.

If you want to learn how to see auras, click this link and watch the following video:

These discoveries are quite fascinating actually and we afford people the opportunity to get a glimpse of theirs, should they come in for a visit. If you can access someone in your area who can show you what we are referring to, you will begin to learn all about how dynamically changing you are with your environments and what you can do to achieve balance in your being.

Let it be known that if you are by chance visiting or living in Israel, we may be able to set up a meeting whereby you can get to encounter this new technology for yourself. Just contact us and we’ll work out our plan of actions.

Expand your potential wisely with more and better knowledge. What do you think about Our Mindset?



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