Gathered angels meet

Angels. What If Plants Might Happily Be 1000’s of Awesome Angels In Disguise?


Think about that for a moment. Suddenly we discover another undisclosed secret, at least undisclosed until now. That plants may actually be angels in disguise. Discover angels What is an angel and what role does it play? Can it make sense that plants can behave like angels? In my mind, with the wild imagination I have, an angel is a spiritual “being” designed by “The Source” (Blessed It Be) for a specific, beneficial purpose. They do not necessarily look as they are portrayed in artists pictures and by sculptors statues. From the little that I understand, they are limited to the purpose for which they were created. They don’t have free will to do as they please like us humans.

We get to translate physical experiences through our senses and make decisions that lead up to the actions we eventually take. As I mentioned in the post before this, we are bearers of “holy light” … descendants of the soul that Gd first breathed “The Breath of Life” into, our great,great, great, great, great, great grandfather Adam.  For most human folk, the challenge of the struggle between our spirituality and this physical experience is too tough as the battle it provides embraces pride, fame and reputation. There are multitudes of opportunities to live “realities” imbued with confusion and vast deviation from the path our “Maker” prefers, should there actually be such a concept.

The truth remains though that we were created in Gd’s “likeness”. For all we know, maybe simply for the purpose of allowing us to expand on what was started. That must then mean that our potential is at the least TREMENDOUSLY good … Indeed TRULY BLESSED! “Fill the world and conquer it” has profound meaning for all of us. We must continually “work and guard it” – enhance and improve it.

We were given the herbs of the field and the trees of the forests to be nourished with. Yet inherent in them also is the ability to simultaneously behave with a medicinal force that no pharmaceutical drug can contain nor express. In fact, it wasn’t until the generation of Noah that permission was given to eat meat, since it was thereby hoped that this practice would somehow effect a correction of the evil nature that mankind at that time had developed.

So, when I open my mind to fathom the magical powers inherent in so many plants, I see them as saviors of sorts … Angelic in their interactions with and within us actually. For instance, it’s give and take with the magic of our mutually considerate needs. We shall never underestimate the importance of plants. The plant kingdom absorbs the carbon dioxide we exhale while we happily take in the oxygen they excrete. A fine symbiotic relationship that is only a small part of the balanced and fine-tuned scheme “The Master” planned.


Invite angels into your garden

Gd is in the Universe It created though some may not be able to sense the reality of that. Nonetheless, it is “The Creator’s” imagination at work and “It” is doing it well. While I will ask you to understand that I am not the superstitious type nor do I support witchcraft, you  may be interested in these 23 Sacred Herbs for Health, Prosperity and Spiritual Protection. There you’ll discover “magical” uses that can help you expand spiritually and do practical things like create more success, prosperity and protection from negative influences more creatively.

So whether as angelic beings sent disguised as “wonder” plants or merely living botanical vessels infused with magical constituents, it’s become quite clear that plants do us good and help fuel wellness. With what they have to offer, our bodies are by far the most impressive laboratories in the world!

Now go eat some angels.

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