Site Disclosure and Underlying Intentions

Our Humble Disclosure

For the sake of greater clarity and understanding, this page is a disclosure of our belief that it is acceptable behavior to receive some form of grateful compensation for successful work done in extending customer awareness and referring great products for purchase.

We all want to live well with abundance in all good things. Win-win business is a fair, respectable exchange of sought-out value. Those who recognize that what they will receive supersedes the cost of its acquisition know better than to miss opportune moments to own the products with  “powers and abilities” to do the very things they want to be done to their well-being.

This page makes it clear and its disclosure to be known, that we are a participant in affiliate programs designed to provide a means for us to earn money, like Amazon.com and other trusted product/service providers like those listed on the resources page.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made from their site. This applies to the other provider sites as well.

I may earn money or products from any of the companies mentioned in this post. But I only recommend products and services worthy of recommending to you. Moreover, purchasing through an affiliate link comes at no extra cost to you.

The links presented throughout this site are intended to not only provide informative,  useful, even valuable connections to products and services that people these days should be interested in. After succeeding in doing so, the companies at the end of those links may provide the operator of this site compensation as thank you for bringing them additional clientele who recognize their quality. Access to something you may want to buy is given you  . . . Unless it is unfortunately out of stock.

We provide our readers access to what may very well be the absolute “best of the trade” anywhere . . . From where you are geographically located.  If while reading the posts on this site you click through the links and decide to purchase a product or service that we recommend, we may, but not necessarily, receive monetary compensation for our endorsement.

There is inherently nothing wrong with that and of course, you already know this. In addition, the end result of the referrals that we make do not in any way increase the cost of the product or service to the customer.

Compensating or otherwise thanking someone for their help is simply common courtesy. It’s the civil way of the society we are in. For you may not have ever come to know about the “thing” you need, had it not been for the information you received by the “word of mouth” you received.  It’s fair.

What perhaps is the most important consideration here, is that everything that endorsed herein holds value well beyond the price that is asked of you to purchase them. The benefits you will gain are priceless. Especially when referring to your health and well-being.

Plus, for small businesses, paying commissions to associates may be more advantageous than paying a salaried worker.

So, that’s it, be aware of the possibility that we may be paid for some of your actions here, but this activity is all good and well . . . For all of us!

Outlook Affects Perspective

Now the reason why the above video is included here is for the purpose of evoking an understanding that outlook affects perspective. If you decide to purchase something, it is for your benefit because it matters to you that you acquire it. You obviously like what it does for you and it is in your best interest to have and use. It is an important part of your personal strategy for attaining whatever it is you are working to attain.

The fact that Gd and “Its” Universe provides you with opportunity is a given. Divine Love of which you have no control over other than to (or not to) take advantage of. But that decision ultimately is within your control. With a desire to be better and keep getting better, you purchase what you feel will help you achieve the worthy goal. You are directing your life on your own terms.

What difference does it really make how you found out about it or who told you about it? The most important thing is to consider that you did indeed find out about it and can now get it to your heart’s content at a reasonable price!

Again, we only represent high-quality options that benefit many people immensely. We enjoy them in ours and are happy to have found out about their existence and can acquire them effortlessly. We truly believe that you can be happy with all that too.

Like said before, they are well worth their price! Nothing to worry about there. And the money we earn helps us pay for the expenses of running this site . . . Which we hope you do like, gain knowledge out of, and are truly benefiting from by gaining its oodles of information.

We thank you for reading the posts on this site and look forward to not only providing you with “insightful ramblings” about this life adventure we are on but to also reveal to you all sorts of useful understandings designed with the intention of improving our human experience.

It’s a very good feeling being equipped with the right stuff for help in living successfully through a (hopefully) long, healthy journey.

We certainly look forward to the best in this life for all of us while we have this opportunity with it!

. . . To you and yours too!

All the best on the road to success!Our disclosure is that all win in our transactions.

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